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Employee Health Clinics

Demonstrate your commitment to happier, healthier employees through convenient, affordable access to care.

Create a Happier, Healthier,
More Productive Workforce

As medical costs continue to rise, many employers are looking for alternative access to convenient, high quality health care for their employees. One way to do so is through employee health clinics.

Our clinics improve access to medical services and reduce out-of-pocket expenses, transportation costs, and time away from work. Also, employees don’t need to leave work to get treatment for most illnesses and injuries. This avoids costly ER visits and time away from work. Additionally, employers can opt to eliminate co-pays or deductibles so out-of-pocket costs are reduced or eliminated.

As a result, employees are happier, healthier, and more productive. By optimizing care delivery and eliminating waste, it also means savings for employers through better managed health care costs.

What makes our employee health clinics unique?

  • Our innovative, personalized care model is less costly than others and takes an intentional data-driven approach.

  • Employee health clinics can be located on-site, near-site, or off-site, so you can choose the best option for your team.

  • Employee health clinics are managed by experienced, highly qualified nurse practitioners, offering a more cost-effective option than medical doctors.

  • High-touch, personalized health coaching is available to employees who are looking to accomplish specific health goals through lifestyle and behavior change.

  • Extensive, proactive outreach ensures that services and programs are kept top of mind for better engagement and utilization.

  • Employees and covered dependents have access to a wide range of services including primary, preventive, and chronic care management.

  • Employers benefit from occupational health services focused on employee education, risk prevention, and worker well-being.

  • Employers and employees experience a reduction in overall health care costs at a much faster rate than with traditional care delivery models.


Initial treatment at employee health clinics may result in a referral, along with short-term immediate medical care to treat illness or injury.


Specialized programs for diabetes, heart disease, COPD, obesity, depression, and more.


Many visits include best-in-class behavioral health services to identify any underlying issues that should be addressed.

What People Say About Us

“I care about my health and what happens to me. So, I applaud my employer for caring too.”

“I was skeptical that employee health clinics of limited scope could produce a meaningful ROI, however SentryHealth has proven that it can.”

“I feel secure in working and talking with my nurse practitioner because she is an employee of SentryHealth. Therefore, my health care goals and values are kept confidential and secure.”


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