Employee Engagement Services

Increase employee engagement and utilization with proactive outreach services.

Encourage & Support Employee Participation

The success of condition management programs relies greatly on employee participation. However, you can’t expect employees to enroll without encouragement, support, and proactive outreach from a trusted provider. They are often skeptical of new programs and won’t typically “jump in” from the beginning. We can change that.

Our employee engagement services leverage organizational factors and years of experience to elicit trust and ensure the highest levels of engagement possible. We develop an individualized communications strategy that drives the greatest results. This includes taking advantage of a wide variety of communication methods that best suit your program members including email, direct mail, texting, telephone calls, and on-site events.

In order to tailor a program that ensures the highest possible engagement, we work with you to gain a better understanding of your population, including:

  • Workforce demographics

  • Work environment

  • Level of interaction between staff and management and/or human resources

  • Previous successes or failures

  • Unique population attributes

We are highly successful at driving satisfaction and engagement by offering employees detailed insight into the value of program participation. We consistently produce engagement rates ranging from 35-40% engagement within one year. For some clients, we have achieved even higher engagement rates of 80% or higher. As a result, you’ll see increased productivity, reduced turnover, fewer sick days, and ultimately lower health care related costs.


We skillfully drive active program participation to ensure your employees receive the help they need.


We assign a client manager who is accountable for your program’s success.  We’re in it with you!


Through our results-driven outreach efforts, we help members realize the value of active & sustained program participation.

What People Say About Us

“Knowing that someone is watching and supporting me has really helped me stay on track. I recommend SentryHealth to all of my co-workers.”

“SentryHealth gave me someone to check in with, reinforcing that this is a journey and not a race to finish. It keeps me accountable to obtain my goals and is reinforcement that I’m heading in the right direction.”

“Overall it’s nice to have people who support you and show that they care. You can tell they really want to help.”


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