Condition Management

Empower better health and well-being with targeted condition management programs.

Condition Management Programs That Really Work

Did you know that 50% of Americans have a chronic condition and that people with chronic conditions account for 84% of national health care spending? When you partner with us for condition management programs, employees living with a chronic condition and those at risk will receive detailed education and personalized guidance for better health and well-being.

Through interactive learning, action planning, problem-solving, guided decision-making, and one-on-one support, employees will gain a better understanding of how to best manage their chronic condition. As a result, they will be happier, healthier, and more productive and you will see improvements in health care costs, absenteeism, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Complemented by Healthward‘s data analytics engine, we analyze your population’s critical health risks to determine the right solutions to address your organization’s unique needs and control health care costs.

Condition Management Programs

The goal of health coaching is to educate patients on setting and achieving specific goals to improve overall health and well-being. SentryHealth combines the power of a high-touch care model with a seasoned multidisciplinary clinical team. Once enrolled, patients benefit from personalized care provided by nurses, dietitians, educators, and/or other staff as indicated by their specific goals to encourage and support behavior change. Through our health coaching program, patients have accomplished sustainable lifestyle changes and positive clinical outcomes.

Act2, a Johns Hopkins diabetes prevention program, is an interactive support and engagement program that empowers those at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes, encouraging employees to take charge of their own health and well-being. This Johns Hopkins Medicine-enhanced, CDC-approved curriculum based on the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) offers personalized guidance via online lifestyle coaches.

SentryHealth is a provider of Johns Hopkins Medicine employee health programs.

Did you know that 2 out of 3 people struggling with an emotional health condition do not receive adequate treatment?  But treatment works. 65% to 80% of people with an emotional health condition improve if properly diagnosed and treated. The Johns Hopkins Balance program provides plan members experiencing an emotional health condition with a comprehensive approach to care through early identification and comprehensive care coordination.

SentryHealth is a provider of Johns Hopkins Medicine employee health programs.

The goal of DECIDE, a Johns Hopkins diabetes self-management program, is to educate employees on how to change their behavior for better diabetes management. The program incorporates the seven core diabetes-self-management behaviors, facilitating adherence and maintenance by teaching participants problem-solving as a key skill for behavior change and for incorporating self-management activities into their everyday lives. Outcomes include lower A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

SentryHealth is a provider of Johns Hopkins Medicine employee health programs.

The Johns Hopkins Work Stride: Managing Cancer at Work program helps employees and their families reduce the risk of cancer, recognize the early warning signs of the disease, and understand and manage cancer treatment. It provides personalized information and support from an oncology nurse navigator to help employees and managers understand and navigate the cancer journey.

SentryHealth is a provider of Johns Hopkins Medicine employee health programs.


Data-driven processes ensure the right employee health program for the right employee.


Proven programs designed to prevent and treat employee health risks and issues.


Show your employees how much you care by bringing them the best employee health programs.

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“I’ve reduced my blood sugar levels to a healthy range, decreased my cholesterol level, and lost five pounds. I’m so glad I signed up!”

“This program helped me maintain my focus on goals of having lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This is better than I’d ever imagined.”

“It could not be more easy. I’m very pleased and that’s why I stay with the program.”


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