Behavioral Health Services

Identify and address unhealthy behaviors that may impact overall wellness.

We understand that mental and emotional well-being is every bit as important as physical health. That’s why many of our workplace health programs incorporate fully integrated, best-in-class behavioral health services such as screenings, programs, treatments, and follow-up. As a result, we can better identify and address unhealthy behaviors (smoking, poor diet, addiction) as well as the underlying reason for them.

How do we do it?

We start with a multi-dimensional risk assessment tool provided by Johns Hopkins Medicine. Then, our clinical experts leverage a variety of care resources to find and help your employees get whatever help they need. Finally, we make sure follow-up occurs when necessary.

  • Multi-dimensional risk screening assesses physical, mental, and emotional factors that may hinder success.

  • Our behavioral health services focus on identifying risks to head-off issues before they become emergencies.

  • We follow-up with patients who have received behavioral health services to ensure appropriate action has been taken.

What People Say About Us

“Since implementation of the SentryHealth programs, the number of employees in the “high-risk” range has fallen by 40%. Moreover, our health plan is a half-million dollars under budget.”

“Like everyone, our company is trying to manage health care costs. Any money saved on claims is money saved for the company and our employees.”

“SentryHealth probably prevented a heart attack from happening. Not only did our organization save $25,000 or $50,000, but we may have saved someone’s life.”


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