A successful employee health and wellness coach can help your employees achieve overall wellness by addressing their physical health, mental health, and emotional health

Employee wellness programs are designed to improve and promote employee wellbeing. Often, a key component of a robust program is health and wellness coaching. In fact, studies show that when people work with a health and wellness coach, they overcome bad habits and improve their health. Now, let’s look at how coaching can be an asset to you and your employees. 

What is an employee health and wellness coach? 

According to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, an employee health and wellness coach “is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who helps others feel their best through individualized food and lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals.” Essentially, they motivate by educating and guiding your workforce health.  

Why is it important to include a coach as part of a greater employee wellness strategy? 

Coaching is an integral part of successful employee wellness strategy. Coupled with chronic disease management programs, coaching supports behavior change to prevent and manage chronic disease. Therefore, coaching is important because it teaches participants how to achieve and sustain positive behavior change. 

According to research in Family Practice Management, an employee health and wellness coach can serve in one or more of the following important roles:  

  • Self-Management Support | Coaches teach employees how to adopt healthy lifestyle changes to better self-manage their condition. They provide education on conditions, strategies for self-management, and problem-solving tactics.
  • Bridge the Gap | Coaches bridge the gap between the employee and their doctor. They ensure that employees understand their care and answer questions. Also, they provide ongoing support and guidance between doctor visits.
  • Health Care Navigation | Coaches help employees navigate the health care system. They can coordinate care and speak up on behalf of employees when needed.
  • Emotional Support | Coaches offer emotional support to help employees overcome challenges and continue on their journey to better health. 
  • Continuity | Coaches regularly connect with employees to ensure they establish trust, familiarity, and continuity. 

What are the benefits to employees? 

Mayo Clinic study shows that health and wellness coaching improves quality of life, depressive symptoms, and perceived stress levels. As a result, employees who take advantage of health coaching are more likely to improve their health in a positive, sustainable way. 

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