The Value of Health & Wellbeing Analytics

About the Webinar

Digital health and wellbeing programs are at an advantage over traditional programs when it comes to data collection, analysis, and action. For greatest success, collecting and analyzing wellbeing data is crucial to program performance.

In this webinar, Matt Doctrow, SentryHealth’s Senior VP of Analytics, discusses how using health and wellbeing analytics can create positive outcomes, ROI, and VOI. Then, he explains how analytics can drive personalization for better, more sustained engagement. Next, you’ll learn how collecting data and delivering an individualized experience can improve your health and wellbeing program. You’ll also discover how it enables better controlled health care costs, increased productivity, and reduced absenteeism.

At the core of WellOnMyWay is an advanced analytics engine that leverages machine learning and AI to drive both the employee and employer experience. We use data analytics to create a unique profile. This serves as the basis for determining, recommending, and motivating employees to take advantage of programs and services that will have the greatest impact.

Secondly, WellOnMyWay empowers more informed decisions that will have a real impact on your business. You can easily pinpoint trends, detect potential cost savings, and monitor program performance.

WellOnMyWay drives definitive results for both you and your employees by combining advanced analytics and high-touch outreach with a comprehensive Integrated Health & Wellbeing Center that provides centralized access to industry-leading programs and meaningful resources.

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