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Mark gets his health under control

Mark manages vehicle maintenance at M&M Cartage. He was diagnosed with diabetes on January 16th 2016 after he was rushed to the hospital. When he got to the hospital his blood sugar was 895 and his A1C was 11.9. He was in the hospital for four days.

Looking for Help

Mark reached out to Alicia, nurse practitioner with SentryHealth, for help after his diagnosis because he had heard about the diabetes program offered to M&M Cartage employees. “Ever since I started with SentryHealth, Alicia has been awesome! She educated me on my diet. She told me what to eat and how to eat. She taught me how to make life easier with diabetes”, Mark says.

A New Direction

As of April 22 Mark’s blood sugar was 108 and his A1C was 5.9. “I’m now off insulin and I only have to prick my finger twice a day now”, he says. Mark has also lost 41 lbs.

It’s a Partnership

When asked about Mark and his improvements, Nurse Practitioner Alicia Razzino said, “Mark has been a great patient to work with. He came to his visits ready to learn. He made behavioral changes almost immediately and he has been very successful. I am thrilled to see his improvement.”

Mark’s Employer Cares

M&M covers the cost of the visits with Alicia and if eligible, medications for diabetes are also covered at no out of pocket cost for the employees. “Alicia talks to you like a person, she listens and takes her time, she educates. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, she will help”, says Mark. “Don’t hesitate – it’s your life!”