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Success Stories

Learn how we engage employees and patients in a meaningful way.

Reducing Workforce Health and Wellness Costs

Lexington, Kentucky is home to one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the United States — The University of Kentucky. With approximately 1,000 students, it’s committed to “cultivating a campus environment of mutual respect and impassioned conviction, and developing leaders who will succeed in a diverse and connected world.” [...]

Driving Healthy Patient Outcomes: A Case Study

At SentryHealth, we provide chronic care management programs as part of an exciting, innovative movement in health and wellness. Let's take a look at how one company found clinical and financial success with us. with Since 1900, a Kentucky municipal utility company has delivered services to more than 26,000 customers. The [...]

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Chronic Condition Management Success Story

In 2011, a well-known baseball equipment manufacturer began looking into ways to mitigate rising healthcare costs while promoting better employee health through chronic condition management. “Like everyone, we’re trying to manage health care costs,” said the Director of Human Resources. “We’re self-insured and any money saved on claims is money saved [...]

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