The news has been shocking lately.  Suicide rates in nearly all 50 states have increased substantially over the past two decades – by as much as 30%.  Depression is the underlying cause (taken to the extreme), but depression also impacts productivity and absenteeism.

Have you considered the cost of untreated behavioral health issues to your employees and your organization?  It’s worth some thought.

Let’s review some facts from the BlueCross BlueShield website about untreated behavioral health problems:

  • Major depression has a diagnosis rate of 4.4% in the United States, affecting more than 9 million commercially insured Americans.  (If you factor in adults with undiagnosed major depression, the rate has been estimated at nearly 7 percent.)
  • Eighty-five percent of people diagnosed with major depression also have one or more additional serious chronic health conditions – and nearly 30 percent have four or more other conditions.
  • People diagnosed with major depression use healthcare services more than other commercially insured Americans resulting in more than two times higher than average healthcare spending ($10,673 compared to $4,283).

It’s likely that some of your employees are suffering in silence? since depression isn’t a topic that’s openly discussed.  Workplace stress, family and relationship issues, financial stress all contribute to? the detriment of their health and productivity?

Major depression is treatable providing it’s diagnosed in time.  This is an issue you can’t afford to ignore.  But what can you do?

SentryHealth can help address untreated behavioral health issues.

Our anxiety and depression management program connects employees to the most appropriate care at the right time. From virtual behavioral health coaching to expedited access to assistance, we offer support to help them address and reduce symptoms for a happier, healthier well-being.

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The SentryHealth Difference

Supporting the behavioral health of your employees is equally as important as supporting their physical health. That’s why we offer a behavioral health solution that addresses a wide range of issues, with the goal of empowering your employees to make positive, sustainable behavior change. Call us or click here to learn more. To learn more, visit our website, or contact us.