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Active Partnership
We’re so confident in our employee health solutions that we’re willing to share financial risk with certain clients who are willing to actively partner with us. We’ll work together to match your employees to the health programs they need driving improved health and well-being – along with meaningful, measurable ROI that you can bank on.

The foundation of our Prescribed Solution is chronic condition management, which has been proven time and again to produce the greatest amount of ROI in the shortest period of time.


Your employees are individuals so that’s exactly how we treat them.  Our approach to employee health is focused on the person, not just on their health condition.


Unlike traditional healthcare which only happens after someone becomes sick, our proven approach proactively focuses on risk identification and management, along with prevention.

Convenient & Affordable

Timely access to care, with low or no out-of-pocket costs, goes a long way to prevent health risks from spiraling out of control.

SentryHealth fruit and stethoscope

Less than 5% of healthcare spending currently goes to preventive care. SentryHealth addresses this critical flaw in the healthcare system by empowering your employees and covered dependents with the knowledge they need to understand, manage or even prevent their personal health issues.  (Source:


SentryHealth’s person-centered care uniquely addresses the “four rights” of healthcare. We provide the right care, at the right time, for the right person, in the right setting. This drives better health outcomes and reduces costs.


When it comes to healthcare, we know what works.  Our well-proven protocol-driven processes are backed by research by Johns Hopkins and ensure the highest value for your healthcare spend, giving us confidence to offer a shared-risk solution.  

The Bottom-Line

Optimal results from any employee health program require an active partnership between the client and the provider. We’ll give it a 110% effort – and if you will, too – then let’s explore a shared-risk program.