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Integrated behavioralHealth

At SentryHealth we understand that mental and emotional well-being is every bit as important as physical health. Our employee health programs incorporate fully integrated, best-in-class behavioral health screenings, programs, treatments and follow-up. This uniquely enables us to identify and address unhealthy behaviors (smoking, poor diet, addiction) as well as the underlying reason for them.

Multi-Dimensional Risk Screening

Comprehensive yet unobtrusive risk screening to assess physical, mental and emotional risk factors.

Triage and Referral

We focus on identifying risks to head-off issues before they become emergencies by quickly getting employees the appropriate care they need.

Follow-Up & Follow-Through

Good advice alone isn’t enough – we systematically follow-up with employees to ensure appropriate action is taken.

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As many as 85 percent of people diagnosed with major depression have one or more additional serious chronic health conditions – and nearly 30 percent have four or more other conditions. (Source:


Behavioral health issues have a significant impact on an employee’s overall wellness. Workplace stress, family and relationship issues, along with financial stress each contribute to? the problem. These issues are rarely addressed by primary care providers because they often lack the time, training, and staff resources to recognize and treat behavioral health concerns.

How do we do it?

We start with a multi-dimensional risk assessment tool provided by Johns Hopkins Medicine. Our process doesn’t stop with screening. Our clinical experts leverage a variety of care resources to find and help your employees get whatever help they need. We make sure follow-up occurs.

Don’t wait!

Your employees are counting on you!  Let’s get started.