LOUISVILLE, KY (January 8, 2021) SentryHealth CEO, J. Kevin Porter, was recently featured in Louisville Business First, where he discussed the company’s growth from managing on- and near-site clinics to building out a digital solution called WellOnMyWay to drive innovation in the face of changing models in the delivery of health care and wellbeing support.

SentryHealth CEO on retooling its business in 2020 and what’s ahead

Louisville-based SentryHealth transformed itself in 2020 to focus exclusively on technology, leaving behind its founding focus on providing health care directly.

The company got its start back in 2010 providing on- or near-worksite clinic services for large, self-insured employers. It differentiated its offering with proprietary technology to help manage employees’ health.

But the company decided in late 2019, just a few months after Kevin Porter took over as CEO, that it needed to dump its core on-site clinic business and move exclusively into providing digital wellness solutions.

It was founded originally as Edumedics LLC but it changed its name following a funding round in 2018.

In January 2020, the company sold off its contracts for on- and near-site clinics and exclusively focused on building out a new digital wellness product that it calls WellOnMyWay, Porter said in an interview.

That sale provided some capital to fund building WellOnMyWay. Today, the company provides personalized employee profiles based on data from the employers. And it identifies potential health issues for employees, individually and collectively as a population. The product then pushes employees to programs to help with their health issues.

SentryHealth has had to focus on developing a user interface that is easy and drives engagement, Porter said. The product can be accessed on any device, including mobile devices.

“We continue to use data to track the journey from enrollment all the way through completion in an effort to drive better outcomes, which ultimately drives better wellness and lower cost for the employer,” Porter said.

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