Patient Engagement

Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction through ongoing outreach and support.

Guide Patients Toward Healthier Living

Patient participation is the key to improving overall health and to managing increasing health care costs. Our patient engagement services are designed to address barriers to engagement, ensuring active and sustained program participation. Powered by our proprietary population health management software, Healthward, our strategy centers on program and disease education as well as targeted eligibility notification. Through our dedicated outreach team, we proactively connect with patients to sustain active participation.

We utilize a multi-touch, multi-channel approach to employee outreach designed to encourage program participation including:

  • Email

  • Direct mail

  • Telephone calls

  • Texting

  • On-site events and more

We have developed proven, customizable protocols that help patients set and achieve their individual goals. As a result, we are highly successful, with engagement rates ranging from 35-40% engagement within one year. For some clients, we have achieved engagement rates of 80% and higher.


Our patient engagement services focus on proven outreach methods that educate about the value of program participation.


We develop and execute personalized outreach plans that best fit the needs of your population.


Our team of marketing and outreach professionals is dedicated to proactive outreach to encourage sustained program participation.

What People Say About Us

“It’s always nice to have someone other than yourself to hold you accountable – a professional who can give you good ideas. Knowing this was available free of charge, why wouldn’t you do it?”

“As an employer, our whole approach to health care has been focused on enhancing health, knowing that the result is going to be reduced health care costs.”

“The office staff at SentryHealth sends gift cards to encourage us to keep going. Without their persistence I would have given up.”


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