LOUISVILLE, KY (July 29, 2020) – SentryHealth, an industry leader in workplace health management, today announced its partnership with Prescient Medicine to include LifeKit PreScript pharmacogenetic testing as part of its WellOnMyWay™ health and wellness program. 

“Pharmacogenetics or PGx testing is proven to support efforts to improve employee health and lower health care costs for both employees and their employers,” said Terry Minton, Prescient Medicine’s COO-Louisville. “It’s quickly becoming a new standard of care when prescribing, enabling health care providers to choose the best, most appropriate medications specific to an individual. 

With a DNA sample from quick cheek swab, the Prescient Medicine LifeKit PreScript analyzes an individual’s genetic makeup to determine the most effective medications and optimal dosing levels. Thtest report also informs their health care providers of harmful or ineffective medications to avoid adverse reactions.

LifeKit PreScript will serve as an integral component of WellOnMyWay, targeting critical health care areas such as behavioral health, pain management, cardiac health, and other chronic illnesses. Individuals with these types of issues will benefit from greater support to manage their conditions through better care coordination and tailored health and wellness guidance.

“As part of our initiative to guide advanced, hyper-personalized health and wellness journeys, we are pleased to partner with Prescient Medicine,” commented J. Kevin Porter, CEO of SentryHealth. “Using the insights gained from pharmacogenetic testing, we can help individuals achieve significantly better outcomes, both physically and financially, often in a shorter timeframe.” 

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About Prescient Medicine Holdings, Inc. 

Prescient Medicine is a privately held company focused on developing diagnostic tools that advance the precision healthcare movement. Prescient Medicine’s mission is to accelerate the development, commercialization and deployment of advanced clinical diagnostics to address the most pressing public health issues in the U.S. Prescient Medicine builds powerful tests and analytic solutions to offer deep predictive insights so doctors and patients have the data they need to make better, more informed clinical decisions, and achieve the best possible patient outcomes.