Patient Engagement Services

Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction through ongoing outreach and support.

Guide Patients To Healthier Living 

According to “Seven Health Care Industry Trends to Watch in 2020,” from McKinsey & Company, “New business models that create significant employee health care value (that is, substantially better cost, quality, and outcomes) will be critical—and are emerging.” Patient engagement is a key component of building a more valuable health care practice.

Powered by our proprietary population health management software, we combine advanced analytics and proactive patient engagement efforts to inform patients about available services and programs specific to their health conditions. We also conduct ongoing patient outreach to ensure compliance with recommended care plans.

When you partner with SentryHealth, you’ll benefit from a dedicated team who will work closely with you to develop a customized outreach plan to achieve your specific goals for improved patient engagement. Through years of experience and a keen understanding of motivation, our patient engagement team elicits trust and ensures high levels of program participation.

We maintain the highest level of confidentiality and HIPAA compliance, utilizing a multi-channel approach designed to encourage utilization including:

  • Direct mail

  • Email

  • Personal, confidential telephone calls (no robocalls)

  • Texting

We have developed proven, customizable protocols that help patients set and achieve their individual goals. As a result, we’re highly successful, with engagement rates ranging from 35-40%. For some clients, we have achieved engagement rates of 80% and higher.


Our patient engagement services focus on proven outreach methods to inform and educate.


We develop and execute personalized plans that best fit the needs of your population.


Our team is dedicated to proactive outreach to encourage sustained program participation.

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