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Employee Healthcare: Taking an Integrative Approach

Employee Healthcare: How to Take an Integrative Approach

With employee healthcare costs continuing to rise, employers are seeking strategies to help improve workforce health as a means to better manage these increases. During this episode, we chat with Colleen Hekkanen, LCSW, CCM, VP of Healthcare Operations with MAP Health, about the importance of taking an integrative approach to health.

First, we discuss what comprises an integrative approach to employee healthcare. Next, we cover how it differs from holistic care. Lastly, Colleen explains how it can be used to reduce stress among employees. She also offers tips on how employers can take an integrative approach to improve engagement and wellbeing. As a result, employers will see increased productivity, retention, and better controlled costs.

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Colleen Hekkanen, LCSW, CCM, VP of Healthcare Operations with MAP Health

Colleen Hekkanen is the Vice President of Healthcare Operations and has been with the Medical Advocate Program (MAP Health) since 2014. Colleen advises and consults with the employee healthcare team on operations, communications and business strategies. Due to her behavioral health background, Colleen also assists participants who have complex psychosocial needs. She believes to be healthy, you must look at the whole person and is passionate about addressing a participant’s mental health wellbeing while working to dispel the stigma associated with mental illness.

Colleen has extensive experience in providing direct patient care to children and adolescents and has published a therapeutic technique in the book Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families: Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Techniques, Volume Two.

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