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Healthier with Data Analytics | Episode 5

Matt Doctrow turned a job analyzing equipment usage for the U.S. Army’s special operation command into a career leading health care companies on the journey to operationalize their data analytics. Now, as Senior VP of Analytics for SentryHealth, he helps solve health problems for people before they actually happen.

Matt recently joined the “Flyover Future Presents: Innovators” podcast to chat about why innovations in machine language, AI, and data analytics are important to decision-making for all industries, particularly health care. He also talks about the future of data analytics and what he’s doing at SentryHealth to help employers control health care costs, lower absenteeism, and improve satisfaction.

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Matt Doctrow

With more than 30 years of analytics experience, Matt is a data expert passionate about applying analytical results to support evidence-based decision making and performance improvement. He’s responsible for applying artificial intelligence and machine learning models to personalize participant journeys for enhanced experiences and clinical outcomes.

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