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Redefining Employee Outreach and Engagement | Episode 3

In this episode of For Your Benefits, we chat with Amanda Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at SentryHealth about the value of proactive employee outreach and engagement in wellness programs.

It seems like everyone is searching for the secret sauce of how to encourage wellbeing program participation. And for good reason. When employees participate in your program, they’re more likely to be successful. They’re also more likely to be happier in their jobs.

Amanda discusses strategies to ensure that employee outreach is meaningful to the employees. We cover what’s working at SentryHealth and how our approach is unlike any seen before. We then chat about the importance of shifting away from traditional incentives towards lower cost, higher value options. By doing so, participation is often more meaningful and sustainable.

In This Podcast

Amanda Evans

As Chief Marketing Officer, Amanda is responsible for the development and management of the employee outreach and engagement services at SentryHealth. With nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, Amanda is a data-driven leader with a history of producing high-value results and has successfully launched programs focused on improving engagement and retention.

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