Since 1900, a Kentucky municipal utility company has delivered water and electricity to more than 26,000 local electric, water, and telecommunications customers. Its mission is to serve its community by providing reliable and quality services at the most economic cost. Therefore, the company has employed some of the best and brightest from the local community. Its employees are proud, active members of the community, involved with non-profit agencies, blood drives, neighborhood alliances, local clubs, and youth sports programs.

In order to attract and retain the very best employees, the company offers excellent health care benefits. And as with many health plans, it found that the employees with the costliest chronic medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol used the majority of the health plan resources. Even with rigorous management, employees with these diseases were more likely than their peers to have poor clinical outcomes. As a result, the company recognized its employees needed education, support, and guidance for their chronic medical conditions. They wanted a robust program that produced results, reinforcing the benefits of better self-care. So it turned to us for solutions.

At SentryHealth, we manage actionable, effective health programs as part of an exciting, innovative movement in health care: population health management.

Preparing for Change

We performed a thorough and rigorous analysis of the employees’ health care claims. First, we started by identifying plan members who had been diagnosed with chronic, high-maintenance medical conditions. While this cluster constituted only 20-30% of plan members, they consumed 70-85% of the municipalities health care dollars. Our study also revealed that these members with chronic disease(s) had the poorest compliance with their physicians’ health recommendations and often ignored their employer-sponsored wellness programs. So, the company collaborated with SentryHealth to create detailed, specific, individualized plans for management of chronic medical conditions. It helped each member set realistic goals, and scheduled periodic feedback on their participation. The plans included coaching with trained health care professionals, as well as education about the individual’s medical condition(s). These sessions included clinical understanding and assessment, medication reviews, consideration of any concerns raised by the employee, education, proactive support and encouragement, and more.

The programs’ supportive counseling and education often enhance the recommendations of the employees’ primary care providers. To date, our programs have demonstrated significant, favorable effects on employee health, as well as improvement in sense of well-being and happiness.

Improved Patient Outcomes

The chronic condition management program was launched in January 2014 and has grown to more than 50% participation (in contrast to 5% of employees who participated in previous similar programs). When the program was rolled out, participating members:

  • Received a discount on their health insurance premiums.
  • Had no out-of-pocket expenses for their personal coaching sessions.
  • Received 3-5 private consultations with highly qualified health care professionals.
  • Did not have to travel away from their place of employment to participate in the program.
  • Received gift card incentives for early registration.

Just 18 months later:

  • 90% of employees with previously diagnosed high blood pressure had blood pressures within the desirable range.
  • The number of claims filed decreased 26%.
  • The return on the company’s investment in SentryHealth was 148%.
  • Participant satisfaction reached an unprecedented 95%.

Population Health Management That Drives Positive Patient Outcomes

We achieve success through an innovative model with these components:

  • Proven chronic disease care protocols that drive consistent successful outcomes.
  • Healthward population health management technology where risk is assessed, care is documented, member outreach is facilitated, and data is measured.
  • Customized plan of care for the individual, including problems, goals, and interventions.
  • Highly qualified clinical team trained to deliver high-touch care through face-to-face encounters and consistent, proactive member engagement and outreach.
  • Clinical team members supported by a team that provides executive and clinical oversight, data and financial analysis, and strategic consultation, all to help achieve desired financial and patient outcomes.

The SentryHealth Difference

Our employee health programs engage populations in a meaningful way by combining the power of data analytics, education, and evidence-based medicine. Because we provide effective assistance and support to individuals living with chronic conditions or those trending towards a condition, we see higher levels of engagement and participation. This means that our clients realize a measurable return on investment through improved clinical and financial outcomes. Contact us today to learn more.