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The Cure for a Broken

SentryHealth is different from other healthcare providers because we provide proactive, convenient, person-centered care that empowers employees and covered dependents to get ahead of their physical, mental and emotional health risks and take charge of their lives.

The Bottom-line
We maximize the value of your employee healthcare dollars, resulting in meaningful savings that you can re-invest in your business.

SentryHealth stethoscope with clipboard and laptop on desk doctor working in hospital

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive health solutions that work together to improve health and well-being, while driving outstanding financial results.
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High Employee Engagement

Personalized outreach, supported by data-driven risk identification, produces industry-leading engagement rates and best-in-class cost savings.
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Quicker ROI

Deep expertise in managing chronic disease(s) dramatically accelerates your ROI, supported by national research.
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Johns Hopkins Medicine

Featuring employee health solutions developed by Johns Hopkins Medicine.
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