In a new survey of 126 employers of all sizes in virtually every industry, nearly 60% of employers estimate that up to 25% of their health care dollars is wasted.   

Hmm, so it’s not just your imagination – there really is a problem.  And it’s a big one costing employers $750 billion each year. What’s driving it?  The survey suggests inappropriate treatments, improper utilization of prescription drugs, care taken in the wrong setting (e.g., the ER).

In our view, these are the symptoms – not the cause. 

You may have tried to fix the problem with employee education.  You may also be considering changes to benefit design.  But in such a tight labor market, how will your workers will respond to that? So what can you do?  You’re not a medical expert.  Well, lucky for you, we are!

 How to Stop An Increase in Health Care Dollars Wasted? Through Access and Prevention

SentryHealth brings a lower-cost model of care and convenience direct to the workplace with your choice of onsite, near-site and remote employee health clinics.

Our highly trained nurse practitioners empower your workers to make the right choices when it comes to condition management, specialty care, prescription drugs, and the like.  Many of our unique solutions were developed by the world-famous Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Overall, our intentional, proactive, preventative approach keeps health risks from spinning out of control.

And that is how you treat the underlying cause of wasted health care dollars!

Here’s a link to the survey results.