Mental Health & COVID-19 During The Holidays: Supporting Your Employees

About the Webinar

Nearly half of Americans report that COVID-19 is harming their mental health. Many are struggling to connect with each other in an increasingly virtual world. As the holidays approach, it’s essential for organizations to make emotional health a priority and engage employees in accessing care and resources.

In this webinar, presented by Jennifer Hunter, CEO & Founder of SentryHealth partner Emvitals, you’ll discover why supporting employee emotional health is critical to sustaining trust and engagement throughout this crisis.

First, you’ll find out how you can manage your own emotional distress as you lead your team during these challenging and unprecedented times. Then, we’ll explore how the proactive steps leaders take today will pay off in both the near and distant future.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Recognize the unique type of stressors inherent to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Understand the impact that a crisis can have on the mental health of employees.
  • Identify and protect employees experiencing emotional distress.
  • Apply the principles and steps to achieving emotional health prevention.

Supporting the behavioral health of employees is equally as important as supporting their physical health. That’s why WellOnMyWay incorporates fully integrated, best-in-class screenings, programs, treatments, and follow-up, to empower employees to make positive, sustainable behavior change.

Employees are taught to overcome negative thoughts and unhealthy behaviors. They also learn empowering beliefs, rational responses, and healthy behaviors to drive permanent behavior change. Finally, for those seeking additional mental and emotional help, we offer telephonic coaching and referrals for in-person counseling.

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