Pharmacogenetic Testing

Empower precision medicine with innovative drug-gene testing.

Reduce Adverse Events & Improve Outcomes

Adverse drug events account for more than 3.5M doctor office visits, an estimated 1M visits to the ER, and an estimated 125,000 hospital admissions. In addition, they affect 2 million hospital stays each year and extend stays by 1.7 to 4.6 days. All of this translates to poor quality outcomes and higher health care costs.

Through pharmacogenetic testing, health care providers are empowered to deliver precision medicine by choosing the right medications for your employees. With DNA from a quick cheek swab, pharmacogenetic, or PGx, testing analyzes over-the-counter and prescription medications for compatibility with an employee’s genetic makeup. Then, it rates the medications based on optimal dosing levels. This enables a health care provider to recommend and prescribe the most appropriate medications specific to that employee, ruling out harmful or ineffective medications upfront to avoid adverse drug events and achieve therapeutic benefit faster.

PGx testing is available through the WellOnMyWay health and wellness program to target critical health care areas including mental and behavioral health, pain management, and cardiac health.

Targeted Critical Health Care Areas

We offer targeted genetic analysis of medications, including antidepressants and antipsychotics, for difficult-to-treat behavioral health conditions. Our testing enables health care providers to select medications with a higher likelihood of response for neurochemical imbalances or neuropsychiatric disorders.

Genetic variations in drug-metabolizing enzymes can significantly affect response to various opioids, increasing the probability of overdose. Employees and their health care providers get the guidance they need to address drug therapy for pain management.

Testing can identify genetic variations that could lead to adverse cardiac events, including hyperlipidemia, thrombophilia, statins, and anticoagulation therapies.

When employees faced with these conditions utilize PGx testing, they benefit from greater support to manage their conditions through more effective medication administration, better care coordination, and tailored health and wellness guidance from their health care providers.

When the medicine prescribed to employees is personalized, it’s effective from the start—eliminating trial and error that can delay recovery. With pharmacogenetic testing, employees are less likely to experience costly adverse drug events and are more likely to experience therapeutic benefits faster for better outcomes.


Reduce the risk of medications that can adversely affect each employee’s overall health and wellness.


Go beyond genetic makeup to consider current medications and health status for a more guidance.


Employees experience better outcomes by taking medication that’s best for them.

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