Health & Fitness Challenges

Help employees improve their overall health in a fun, rewarding way.

Motivate & Reward Employees for Meaningful Participation

A recent survey found that 62% of employers report using one or more gamification elements to promote health engagement to employees. Including a competitive element to your employee health and wellness program can encourage participation, improve program satisfaction, and gives employees a chance to experience a strong sense of team-building and belong.

We make health and fitness challenges fun and rewarding to engage and motivate your workforce to improve their physical, mental, and financial health. Each challenge is designed to leverage a participant’s strengths and what they like to do. We offer more than 50 standard health and fitness challenges, but we can easily tailor challenges for your corporate wellness program. Our challenges focus on both teams and individuals with elements of education, gamification, and competition. We also offer a social aspect where employees can celebrate success and motivate others.

For activity-based challenges, we work directly with FitBit to bring affordable devices to your workforce, but employees can also use their own device. We integrate with over 100 devices and apps, including Apple Health, FitBit, Garmin, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, and more!

Health & Fitness Challenge Categories:

  • Better Sleep

  • Environment & Community Stewardship

  • Financial Security & Stability

  • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

  • Heart Health

  • Mindfulness & Resiliency

  • Occupational Wellness

  • Strength & Physical Fitness

  • Weight Loss


Create a fun yet competitive environment that drives employee engagement.


Increase participation and employee satisfaction with your wellness strategy.


Have the right challenges in place to address your employees’ unique needs.

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