Financial Health

Help employees improve financial planning and management for long-term success.

Improve Financial Health & Reduce Stress

According to a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report, 71% of employees say that money issues is the biggest stress they face in the workplace. As a result, employers are looking to offer employees financial health assistance. With our WellOnMyWay health and wellness solution, your employees will benefit from financial health resources, education, and guidance to help them get on solid financial ground and empower them to do more with their money.

We teach employees how to maximize income and provide valuable resources and assistance, including:

  • A single, comprehensive dashboard gives employees a holistic view of their financial health, quickly and securely.

  • Access to a library of content on managing credit and debt, buying a home, budgeting, saving, investments, paying for college, planning for life events, and planning for retirement.

  • One-on-one consulting with financial health coaches who will conduct fiscal check-ups and provide guidance on reducing personal debt and saving more.

  • Employees benefit from customized education and tools based on their financial profile including information about topics such as:

    • Credit Management
    • Debt Management
    • Budgeting, Spending, and Investment Education
    • Student Loans
    • 401(k)
    • HSA and FSA
    • Saving for College
    • Retirement Savings
    • Home Buying
    • Goal Setting and Tracking


Financial education and guidance is offered based on each employee’s individual financial profile.


Eliminate the stress that comes with financial worry so employees can better focus on their work.


Recruit and retain top talent who are looking for the very best in employee benefits.

What People Say About Us

“It could not be more easy. I’m very pleased with the support I receive and that’s why I stay with the program.”

“The program keeps me accountable to obtain my goals and is reinforcement that I’m heading in the right direction.”

“SentryHealth gave me someone to check in with, reinforcing that this is a journey and not a race to finish.”

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