Employee Engagement

Maximize employee engagement and program utilization with proactive outreach and engagement services.

Encourage & Support Employee Engagement

Program success relies on employee engagement and adoption. However, many programs deliver a disjointed experience where multiple vendors talk “at” your employees at the same time, with no clear communication plan. This is confusing and overwhelming, causing employees to lose interest. Also, many employees are skeptical because they don’t want you to know too much about their personal business.

We fully manage employee outreach and engagement, leveraging years of experience and a keen understanding of motivation to elicit trust and high levels of participation. In fact, we’ve consistently produced engagement rates ranging from 35-40% and for some clients, we’ve achieved 80% and more. Our full spectrum approach includes email, direct mail, texting, personal telephone calls, health and fitness challenges, on-site events, meaningful incentives, and more. With us, your employees will be happier, and you’ll see an increase in productivity, a reduction in turnover, fewer sick days, and ultimately lower health care costs.

Intelligent Communication

To provide a hyper-personalized unique employee experience, we consider multiple factors, including:

  • Workforce Demographics

  • Company Culture & Work Environment

  • Previous Successes and/or Failures

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Health Risk & Disease Prevalence

  • Social Determinants

  • Motivations, Willingness to Change, Interests & Preferences

Incentive Management

Our incentive strategy goes beyond traditional activity-based points to focus on meaningful actions and outcomes. We’re highly successful at driving motivation and satisfaction by offering employees detailed insight into the value of behavior change to improve their health and well-being. Rewards can be customized to fit any budget and include things like gift cards, merchandise, charitable donations, insurance premium reductions, fitness center discounts, and extra paid time off.


We skillfully drive active program participation to ensure your employees receive the help they need when they need it.


Each client is assigned a dedicated team that is accountable for your program’s success.  We’re in it with you!


Through our results-driven outreach efforts, employees realize the value of active and sustained program participation. You’ll realize the ROI and VOI faster than with traditional solutions.

What People Say About Us

“You need to have people that are in your corner. The encouragement I receive keeps me on track.”

“I care about my health and I applaud my employer for caring too! I’m very pleased with the program.”

“SentryHealth sends gift cards to encourage us to keep going. Without their persistence I would have given up.”

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