Digital Health & Wellbeing Center

Give employees direct access to their health and wellness benefits.

Keep Employees Coming Back

According to study on the use of personal devices, Americans using mobile phones for health information grew from 61 million to 75 million in just one year. Your workforce is looking for a one-stop shop for everything related to employee health and wellness benefits that they can easily and quickly access.

By adding digital access to WellOnMyWay, our employee health and wellbeing center encourages and motivates them to improve their overall wellbeing while helping you effectively manage your benefits. Customized to fit your needs, the responsive design allows employees to conveniently view the health and wellbeing center on multiple platforms including a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

In addition, the health and wellbeing center is dynamic. Each employee’s view is unique and only shows them the programs most relevant for their specific care path. Employees will be laser focused on the programs and services that matter most to them, so they’re able to quickly access the right care at the right time. And, they’ll love it because it’s designed with them in mind and easy to use.

With our HITRUST CSF Certified health and wellbeing center, employees can:

online wellness center


Employees can access their health and wellness information and participate in valuable programs with the confidence that their personal information is safe and secure.


Employees enjoy easy access to their health and wellness benefits from any device, at any time. Our digital wellness center is available online or through our mobile app.


Employees love it! We deliver more value with easy access to a highly personalized health and wellness experience which increases participation and satisfaction.

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