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Supporting the behavioral and mental health of your employees is just as important as physical health. We can better guide employees to the right behavioral and mental health programs at the right time with our WellOnMyWay employee health and wellness solution. WellOnMyWay incorporates fully integrated, best-in-class screenings, programs, treatments, and follow-up.

Through evidence-based cognitive behavioral training (CBT) mental health programs, employees are empowered to overcome negative thoughts and unhealthy behaviors. The process teaches empowering beliefs, rational responses, and healthy behaviors to promote and sustain permanent behavior change. And for those seeking additional mental health programs, we offer telephonic coaching and referrals for in-person counseling.

Behavioral and Mental Health Programs

The U.S. Department of Personnel Management estimates that workplace costs associated with alcoholism and alcohol abuse range from $33B to $68B per year. This program helps participants overcome psychological and emotional dependencies on alcohol, so they quit or reduce drinking.

It’s estimated that 264 million people suffer from depression and it’s one of the leading causes of disability. In fact, depression and anxiety costs $1 trillion each year across the globe. The anxiety and depression management aspect of our mental health programs connects participants to the most appropriate care at the right time. From virtual coaching to rapid access to physicians, we offer mental health programs, so they can address and reduce symptoms for a happier, healthier wellbeing.

Obesity is on the rise in the U.S. According to the CDC, the prevalence of obesity increased by close to 12% between 1999 and 2018 with severe obesity nearly doubling. In addition, employees with obesity are more likely to be among the top 20% with the highest health care costs. Where other programs that solely focus on diet, our program helps participants recognize and change the way they think and feel about food, so they see a better rate of success.

Constant stress can lead to multiple other mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and chronic sleep deprivation. Coping can also lead to overeating and substance abuse. In this mental health program, participants learn ways to effectively manage stress, so they can overcome feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, and hopelessness.

Poor sleep and insomnia can lead to mood issues, jobsite accidents, and overall poor physical health. Our sleep management program leverages cognitive behavioral therapy principles, so participants can enjoy more restful, sound, and overall better sleep.

A 2016 study found that with a 10% reduction in smoking, the U.S. would experience an estimated $63B decrease in total national health care costs. Our smoking cessation program addresses the thoughts and emotions that drive cravings, so participants can quit successfully.

We incorporate fun health and fitness challenges designed to engage and motivate your workforce. They help overall employee health and wellness by allowing them set and achieve goals for physical fitness, nutrition, emotional wellbeing, workplace culture, and financial health. Challenges also include aspects of social interaction, so employees can celebrate successes and motivate others.


Employees learn to reconfigure their mindset, so they can make long-term, sustainable changes.


Clinically proven tools, resources, and coaching help employees get help when they need it most.


Employees are empowered to permanently end their struggles with unhealthy behaviors.

What People Say About Us

“My favorite part is seeing my achievements! When what I’m struggling with has improved, I look forward to that.”

“It’s always nice to have someone other than yourself to hold you accountable – a professional who can give you good ideas.”

“Overall it’s nice to have people who support you and show that they care. You can tell they really want to help.”

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