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Take your employee health and wellness solution to the next level with a full-service, high-touch partner.

Redefining Employee Health & Wellness

Many employers are dissatisfied with their current employee health and wellness solution, and perhaps the partners who provide them. Because of poor design, limited access to resources, lack of personalization, and low utilization, programs are producing underwhelming results.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. WellOnMyWay is a new and innovative approach to employee health and wellness programs, because it delivers success for both employers and their employees. We drive definitive results through a groundbreaking combination of advanced analytics, industry-leading employee health solutions, meaningful resources, and high-touch outreach. Watch our video to learn more.

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Our Unique Approach

WellOnMyWay is an innovative employee health and wellness solution designed to meet your unique workforce health needs. We guide and support your employees on their journey to better health and wellness with proactive, ongoing engagement designed to encourage and sustain utilization. With WellOnMyWayyou and your employees will be well on your way to achieving greater success with your employee health and wellness solutions.


Physical Health

 We deliver evidence-based physical health programs focused on addressing the primary drivers and conditions behind the majority of health care expenses. These programs are backed by personalized support and guidance from an experienced team of nurses, dietitians, educators, and coaches to promote optimal physical health.


Behavioral & Mental Health


 Digital programs empower employees to take control of their mental and emotional health in a convenient, confidential way. As effective as in-person sessions, digital programs teach key strategies to overcome negative thoughts and behaviors.




 Financial stress can often affect an employee’s physical and emotional health, which leads to distraction and lost productivity. We can help you support employees with sound financial advice and guidance. Together, we can help alleviate financial stress, and improve overall job satisfaction.


Intelligent Employee Profile

Intelligent Employee Profile

 We build intelligent employee profiles by applying cutting-edge analytics, which enable us to identify individual risks and needs. For the greatest insight, we include powerful resources like a NCQA-certified Health Risk Assessment, a lifestyle assessment, and a financial assessment. We then pair these resources with claims data analyses, demographics, personal medical history, and social determinants. The results allow us to design personalized journeys to promote and achieve optimal health and wellness.

Digital Wellness Center

Digital Wellness Center

With our HITRUST CSF Certified digital wellness center, employees can access available programs and services, engage in challenges, monitor activity and rewards, navigate their benefits, and get help when they need it. They benefit from direct access to meaningful resources centered on encouraging healthier behaviors. You benefit from the easy management of your overall health and wellness strategy. The digital wellness center is available online or through our mobile app.


Employee Engagement


 Most employers recognize the value of an employee wellness program. Unfortunately, poor employee utilization and lackluster results leave many employers underwhelmed. Don’t let your health and wellness benefits be your best kept secret. Our high-touch employee engagement and incentive management services are proven to drive higher utilization and satisfaction. 


What People Say About Us

“As an employer, our whole approach has been focused on enhancing health, knowing the result is reduced health care costs.”

“This is a better program than I imagined. My primary care doctor loves this because it really creates a team.”

“I was skeptical that an employer-based program could produce a meaningful ROI, but SentryHealth has proven that it can.”

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