In a landmark study of 600,000 employees at seven employers, the Rand Corporation developed three critical insights about corporate wellness programs.  If it’s your job to maximize the value of your employee health investment, you’ll definitely want to keep them in mind.

ROI from chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, COPD, etc.) management programs comes at a much faster rate than from lifestyle management programs:

Chart showing benefits of disease management

Nearly 90% of the ROI from wellness programs comes from disease management, even if a lower percentage of employees participate:

Chart showing participation versus medical cost savings related to disease management.
ROI from chronic disease management programs was more than 7 times greaterthan from lifestyle management programs:

Chart showing $3.80 ROI from disease management programs

At SentryHealth, we’re uniquely focused on empowering employees who have a chronic disease with well-proven programs that ensure results (and ROI) through clinical consultation, coaching, education and trusted one-on-one relationships.

If you’re searching for answers to ever-increasing employee medical costs, it’s time you give us a call!