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an emotional HEALTH program

The Johns Hopkins Balance program provides employees experiencing an emotional health condition with a comprehensive approach to care through early identification and comprehensive care coordination.

Did you know that 2 out of 3 people struggling with an emotional health condition do not receive adequate treatment?  But treatment works: 65% to 80% of people with an emotional health condition improve if properly diagnosed and treated.

Balance starts with the emVitals emotional health questionnaire to help employees understand their emotional vital signs. Based on the results, employees may be eligible for a confidential consultation with a Balance Care Concierge, a specially trained, licensed practitioner who talks to them about their results and what support they may need and want. Together, they create an action plan, and the individual is connected to their best resources for them.

How it works

ASSESS:  Employees take a confidential emotional health questionnaire online. Their results are available immediately and help determine where they are on their path to emotional health.

IDENTIFY: Based on the questionnaire results, a Balance Care Concierge may contact the employee to confidentially discuss the results and what support they may need and want. Together, they create an action plan to help the employee get in good emotional health.

REFER/TRIAGE:  The Care Concierge also connects the employee to the resources that will help them get in good emotional shape.

CHECK/FOLLOW UP/RE-EVALUATE:  The Care Concierge follows up with the employee to make sure they are getting the right care, at the right time, from the best resources for them.

Note: Balance is a Johns Hopkins Medicine worksite program in collaboration with mdLogix and BHS. This service is confidential and follows all federal and state privacy laws. When speaking to a Care Concierge, conversations and information collected is not shared with the employer.

To learn more about this low-cost, high-value employee health benefit – download these informative materials today!

Now there's support to help you achieve emotional health

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