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Chronic Condition Management: Kate’s Story


In April 2014, Kate became one of the earliest members enrolled in a SentryHealth chronic condition management program at a midwest teachers’ association that offers benefits to teachers upon retirement. As a result, today her hemoglobin A1C has fallen from 7.8 to 7.0, she has lost more than 18 pounds, and has lowered her [...]

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Driving Healthy Patient Outcomes: A Case Study


Since 1900, a Kentucky municipal utility company has delivered water and electricity to more than 26,000 local electric, water, and telecommunications customers. Its mission is to serve its community by providing reliable and quality services at the most economic cost. Therefore, the company has employed some of the best and brightest from the local [...]

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Diabetes Management: Mark’s Story


Fostering a culture of safety is a top priority for M&M Cartage, a family owned transportation company based in Louisville, KY. It recognizes the importance of implementing programs designed to help employees be best they can be, making sure they get home safe and sound every night. Mark* manages vehicle maintenance at M&M and [...]

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Reducing Work Force Health Care Costs


Founded in 1780, Transylvania University in Lexington, KY is the 16th oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. With approximately 1,000 students, it’s committed to “cultivating a campus environment of mutual respect and impassioned conviction and developing leaders who will succeed in a diverse and connected world.” One important element in achieving [...]

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Employee Health Center: H&B Swings for the Fences


Since 1894, Hillerich & Bradsby (H&B) has manufactured and sold more than 100 million Louisville Slugger baseball bats, making it the most popular bat brand in history. However, it isn’t just supporting millions of baseball players, it also supports the men and women who make up the H&B workforce. In 2011, H&B began to [...]

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SentryHealth 2019 Inc.credible Awards Finalist


(Louisville, KY) - April 15, 2019 – SentryHealth has been named a 2019 Inc.credible Awards finalist for the Small Business of the Year Award and the Health & Wellness Award. The annual awards celebrate small businesses within the Greater Louisville region. SentryHealth was formed in 2011 from the University of Louisville’s Office of Technology Transfer [...]

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Wellness Dollars – A Well-Kept Secret?


A recent article in Employee Benefit News explained how wellness dollars are too often a well-kept secret.  They're a percent of your healthcare premium which your insurance carrier will make available to you to invest in qualifying wellness programs - but only if you ask. Studies have shown that well-designed wellness programs consistently produce a 3:1 ROI or better.  What a great opportunity to [...]

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Emotional Health Program for Employees by Johns Hopkins Medicine


According to the CDC, emotional health issues in the workforce are more common than most employers realize. And most don't offer an emotional health program to help employees. In a given year, 9.5% of the adult population will suffer from a depressive illness In a 3-month period, patients with depression miss an average of 4.8 workdays and suffer [...]

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Diabetes Prevention in Your Employee Population


You're no doubt aware of the high toll that diabetes exacts on your employees (and your organization's health care budget). As you may know, a condition called prediabetes can serve as an early-warning flag.  But when prediabetes goes unnoticed, too often it leads to the onset of type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, when prediabetes is properly [...]

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Steve Sablan Named New SentryHealth COO


SentryHealth, an innovative Louisville-based healthcare company, has named Steven Sablan as Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Sablan will spearhead the acceleration of SentryHealth’s information technology platform to support its innovative employer healthcare services. “SentryHealth’s approach to delivering healthcare at the worksite is driven by evidence-based solutions by the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine,” stated CEO [...]

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