In tight labor markets, studies show that job satisfaction is critical when it comes to employee retention.  However, it’s not an easy thing to measure, since job satisfaction lies in the “eye of the beholder.”

Nonetheless, it’s smart to try.  In our own employee surveys, we’ve found that it’s the answers to indirect questions that provide the most insight – questions like “Does your job give you a sense of meaning and purpose?”

SentryHealth Participant Employee Satisfaction Survey

Similarly, we survey our program participants (employees of our clients) about their satisfaction with SentryHealth. Once again, it was the answers to indirect questions that perhaps told us the most.

One question in particular was, “Would you recommend SentryHealth to others?” We were humbled to see that nearly 99% of survey respondents said “Yes.”

Most of the survey respondents credited our personalized approach designed to get them engaged and motivated to take an active role in their health.  When it comes to changing health behaviors – there’s no quick fix – so sustained engagement is the key.

Give SentryHealth a Try

Our population health management solutions were created to help your most vulnerable employees – the 60 percent adults in the US who have at least one chronic disease.

Why give us a try?  Because by offering health benefits that your employees value, you’ll be improving job satisfaction and employee engagement!