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We’re taking health and wellness to the next level by uniting the power of technology, evidence-based programs, and high-touch outreach to drive meaningful clinical and financial outcomes.

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Our Mission

We are passionate about positively impacting the physical, emotional, mental, and financial health of those in our care.​ ​Our mission is to deliver innovative health and wellness solutions that promote higher awareness and utilization while driving meaningful outcomes.​ We understand that no two people are the same. We personally guide each journey, helping people determine the best services and resources at the best time to achieve their goals, all while effectively controlling costs for the individual, employer, and providers.

The SentryHealth Difference

Our technology-driven approach redefines health and wellness with a unique fusion of advanced analytics, industry-leading programs, and high-touch outreach. With this combination, we provide a hyper-personalized employee experience to effectively guide and support each person on their journey.

How We Do It

Our holistic view of wellbeing management helps people make positive, sustainable changes to improve their overall quality of life.

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