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SentryHealth Onsite Employee Health Services

Delivering world-class health care at work

"Our number of employees in the “high risk" range has fallen by 40% since 2014.  Moreover, the university’s health plan is a half-million dollars under budget."

Jeff Mudrak

Associate VP and Director of Human Resources Transylvania University

We Offer Comprehensive Onsite Solutions

Our portfolio of employee health solutions features programs, protocols, products, and services developed by Johns Hopkins clinicians, researchers and staff.  This uniquely enables us to fully address employee health risks and drive outstanding clinical and financial results.

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Don't invest in onsite employee health services only to find out later that they're unaffordable. Whether you've invested in a clinic or other onsite services already, or you're getting ready to invest, you'll want to talk to us.

SentryHealth not only improves the health and well-being of your employees, but our services also pay for themselves. Our care delivery model is less costly than other providers, and takes an intentional data-driven approach that guarantees results.   

The secret sauce in the SenryHealth model is our focus on helping employees who have a chronic disease like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, COPD or who are trending in that direction.  

The medical costs saved or avoided by helping employees get their chronic conditions under control partially or completely funds our services.

We're Experts at Helping Employees Manage Chronic Disease

According to the CDC, chronic diseases drive up to 80 percent of employee medical costs.  It seems odd then that most other worksite clinic providers treat chronic disease management as an afterthought or sometimes not at all.

We Deliver Results that Matter

When it comes to employee health and well-being programs, engagement is the key.  SentryHealth's systematic outreach drives industry-leading engagement rates that lead to best-in-class cost-savings.

Up to 41%

Medical Cost Savings

Up to 86%

Engagement Rates

2017 Actual Client Results

2017 Actual Client Results

We're Data-Driven

Healthcare is awash in data, but it's often in held in unconnected silos and not very useful.  SentryHealth's proprietary approach consolidates silos of healthcare data into a single view, enabling us to address individual needs and develop personalized plans of care.






We Accelerate Your ROI

In a landmark study of 600,000 employees at seven employers, the Rand Corporation developed three critical insights about corporate wellness programs.  SentryHealth's focus on chronic disease management drives our industry-leading results.  

ROI from chronic disease management programs was more than 7 times greater than from less-focused lifestyle management programs.

Nearly 90% of the ROI from wellness programs comes from disease management, even if a lower percentage of employees participate.

ROI from chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, COPD, etc.) management programs comes at a much faster rate than from less-focused lifestyle management programs.

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“I was skeptical that an employer-based clinic of limited scope could produce a meaningful ROI, but SentryHealth has proven that it can.”

John Hillerich IV

President and CEO

H&B (Louisville Slugger)